‘The Fillies have it’ at Jasper Tudor


What a scream. At the Jasper Tudor Social Evening good fun was had by all. This race shows some of the ladies who attended participating in the horse racing with much clamour from their supporters. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night with almost 70 attending. Although the ticket price was only £10 they still managed to raise over £700 for local charities through sponsorship and ticket sales over £60 was raised in less than five minutes by many trying to roll a pound coin up to a vintage bottle of port. Well done all concerned, the funds raised will make a difference to those we can try to help.

Clean sweep by NIOBA Lodge



This months NMH 200 club numbers were;

1st Prize of £150 for WBro. Carl Eriksson of the NIOBA Lodge with number 53 and 2nd prize of £50 to WBro. Brian Ansen also of the NIOBA Lodge with number 86.

Tenovus ‘sing with us’ did so at Homfray Ladies Night


On the 5th April 2014, Homfray Lodge No. 1562, held their annual Ladies Festival at the Parc Golf Club, Newport. The proceeds of the raffle and other cheque donations raised £410.00.

Mrs Diane Moses, the wife of the W.M., (seated in the photo) had chosen Tenovus Cancer Support as her nominated charity for the evening and the proceeds were duly presented at the end of the Raffle draw. Nothing unusual so far – all’s going well.

Diane and close family friend, Mrs Carol Jones (standing), are both members of the Cwmbran Tenovus “Sing with us” Choir – see below **

W.Bro. John, with Carol’s help and who is also chair of “Friends of Tenovus”, organised without Diane’s knowledge, for about 30 members of the choir to attend and sing a couple of numbers from their growing repertoire. As you can imagine, keeping Diane out of all the loops necessary, was not an easy task!

As soon as Diane had finished her response to the Ladies toast, the choir filed into the function room and onto the balcony – the surprise was complete and Diane, still in shock, quickly recovered and joined her colleagues and took her place.

Of the 70+ people present, only a handful knew what was planned. It was such a pleasant surprise and great success that the choir, in fact, sang 3 songs and were given a standing ovation.

This article submitted by WBro. T John Moses.DSC04757

This months NMH 200 club winners.

This months winners of the Newport Masonic Hall  200 club arelott

Drawn last evening at the Casnewydd Lodge, by W Bro. Haydn Bishop, the following brethren were fortunate to win the following.

John Mustoe with number No 90 won £150 from the Casnewydd Lodge and Paul Holloway won £50 with No 54 from the Silurian Lodge.

400th meeting for the Henllys Lodge


What a turn out!! Pictured are the High Executive of the Province who attended the Henllys Lodge at their 400th meeting. This milestone was enjoyed by all who attended. An initiation ceremony was performed in an exemplary manner by all involved. The Worshipful Master (W Bro. Robert Hawkins) conducted the ceremony in his own inimitable way which no doubt left a lasting impression on the Initiate. One thought that springs to mind is considering the excellent attendance and success of the meeting, the candidate may be a little deflated at their next meeting!!!

Well done to all concerned, and keep up the good work within your Lodge.

Hypnotist evening at Henllys ‘entrancing’.

photoPictured is the ‘Great Maso’ (Roger Mason from the Henllys Lodge) plying his trade and entrancing two of the audience at a very successful social evening at the Pontypool Masonic Hall. Roger showed the power of an influential mind in a very entertaining and dignified way, much laughter and enjoyment was had by all. The event started with a sumptuous buffet and light hearted comedy sketch, after Rogers main event a very enjoyable sing-along raised everyone’s spirits at the latter part of the evening. It finished with a very successful raffle, the proceeds of which went to charity.

Armed Forces Lodge ‘Sweethearts Ball’ a sweet success.

20140228_194821Pictured is W Bro. Chris Kirk with his sweetheart. The evening was a huge success with many taking up the challenge of dressing up in 1940’s costume. W Bro. Chris mentioned that all those who attended had a very enjoyable evening with something ‘a little different’. He was very pleased with the turn out in general and has forwarded me quite a collection of photos from the evening. Should you wish me to forward them for you interest just let me know.

Adventure scouts visit Newport masonic hall.


On Thursday 20th March 2014 a group of 20 Adventure Scouts and three
Leaders based at Cwmbran visited the Newport Masonic Hall.

The group were welcomed by our Provincial Grand Master who then gave a
presentation on “what freemasonry is all about”. Worshipful Brother Norman Edwards gave a presentation on  “a tour of the Temple “,  followed by Worshipful Brother Vernon Edwards, who gave a presentation on “Masonic Charities” with particular reference to “Local Charities”.

The evening culminated in a the taking of refreshments which allowed
opportunities to answer questions and continue discussions. It was a very successful evening and we received an email from the Leaders thanking us for a “very informative and a fun event”, and indicated that feedback from the group “had been very positive.”

This article provided by W Bro. Norman Edwards.

The George Henry Reynolds Trophy


At the Jasper Tudor Lodge on the 15th March Bro. Andrew Jones was presented with the George Henry Reynolds Trophy. This award is given annually to the Brother who has shown the most promise and dedication to the Lodge during the last year (Worshipful brethren are not eligible). Pictured is a very pleased Bro. Andrew having the trophy presented to him by W Bro. George.

Mark Woodhouse, 25 years a Mason.


Pictured above from left to right is the Worshipful Master of the Silurian Lodge W Bro. Roger Thompson, W Bro. Chris Evans Assistant Provincial Grand Master and W Bro. Mark Woodhouse. At the meeting of the Silurian Lodge on the 5th of March W Bro. Mark celebrated 25 years membership of the Lodge. W Bro. Mark has been a wonderful supporter of his Lodge during this time although never going through the chair. W Bro. Mark is the IPM of the Lodge of Progress which is a Provincial Stewards Lodge.

Launch of the Monmouthshire Mini Festival

Press Photo

On February 27th at the Charles Lyne Lodge of Installed Masters, the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro. the Revd. Malcolm C.G. Lane JP was delighted to launch our new Mini Festival.  The purpose of the Mini Festival is to replenish the 1997 Monmouthshire Masonic Trust Fund, which as many of you are aware is entirely for the benefit of local good causes. A total of £215,000 has been donated to local charities over the last fifteen years at the presentation evenings each November.

The vision of the Trust Fund when it was first established by the late R W Bro. Donald C. Powell was that it should be perpetually available to us to support local charities.  Current interest rates mean that the Trust Fund has been considerably depleted and if we are to continue to draw on the Trust Fund, as we have done, we must replenish it, to ensure our support for such worthwhile causes within our communities continues.

The Mini Festival for home charities will run until 2017, and a target has been set to ‘hopefully’ boost the Fund from its current balance of £200,000 to £400,000.  In terms of the amounts raised for the 2013 Festival, this is both realistic and achievable. Up to £30,000 a year (for the next 4 years) will be donated to local charities through the course of this Mini Festival through the usual allocation to all Lodges.

The new Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro. Chris Evans has been given responsibility for the Mini Festival, assisted by the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W Bro. Vernon Edwards and the Trust Fund Committee.

Every Mason in the Province will shortly receive a booklet outlining the important work of the ‘First Fifteen Years’ of the Trust Fund.  The booklet has been written by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master W Bro. Richard Davies who has been involved with the Trust Fund since its inception.  A personal letter from the Provincial Grand Master emphasising the Importance of continuing to support local good causes, through the work of the Trust Fund, will accompany the booklet.

Pictured are representatives of local charities who have benefited from the 1997 Trust Fund


NMH numbers for this month


This months winners for the Newport Masonic Hall 200 Club were, number 27 1st prize of £150 – Christine Saunders, with the second prize of £50 going to number 22 – WBro Haydn Bishop.

The draw took place at the Crystal Lodge after proceedings, should you wish to support the renovation fund by obtaining a number, please contact WBro. Haydn on 01291 421198.

Phillipine Disaster Relief aided by the NIOBA Lodge

niobaAt the regular meeting of the N.I.O.B.A. Lodge on Tuesday 19thfor the distribution to those affected by the natural disasters recently occurred in the Republic of the Philippines. s serving Senior Deacon, Ferdinand de la Cruz is a Filipino by birth; and the Lodge thought it duly appropriate to raise funds on his behalf to provide relief to his fellow countrymen and his immediate family, who were affected by the aforementioned tragedies.

Having agreed with Bro. Ferdinand, it was duly sanctioned within the Lodge that the monies collected were to be distributed via a Lodge of which he is a member, the Aklan Lodge (No. 205) acting under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, and also to the relief of his immediate family. The Lodge in question is based in an area severely affected by the super-cyclone that had become global news.

Bro. Ferdinand has accepted the charity in good faith and has assisted in its passage via fraternal connections; its use in providing much needed support to those who need it most in the areas within which the Lodge is based, and also to the good of his close family. Bro. Ferdinand presented a brief report at the regular Lodge meeting in January, confirming the money has been received and applied where anticipated.

This article courtesy of Bro. Huw Gallagher, Senior Warden.

What an interesting layout!


This evening at the Striguil Chapter of Holy Royal Arch Masons, the tables were laid in the fashion of a triple tau, a symbol very important within the Royal Arch. The instigator of this was Ex Comp Mike Wightman (1st Principal of the Chapter, pictured right) as a reminder of the Old Rectory Chapter which he joined in 1975 which used to set the tables in such a fashion at every meeting. Alongside E Comp Mike is the Deputy Provincial Grand Superintendent E Comp John Challenger. A thoroughly good night was had by all with a total of five Companions delivering lectures.

First results for Newport Masonic Hall’s 200 club.


On Saturday 18th January at the Jasper Tudor Lodge the first draw of NMH ‘200 club’ was made. The winner of £150 first prize was WBro. Paul Salter with number 58. Second prize of £50 went to WBro. Brian Nicholls with number 6.

This draw will be held monthly and proceeds raised will be for the restoration fund of Newport Masonic Hall. The monthly cost is £5 and the prize money will be £200 per month with larger sums at Christmas and the summer. Should you wish to enrol to this very worthwhile cause or require more details please contact WBro. Haydn Bishop on 01291 421198.

100th Birthday Celebration of Mrs Rosalie Lewis

homfray Mrs Rosalie Lewis celebrated her 100th Birthday on the 27th November 2013, at the Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court, Porthcawl. Her late husband Bro. Cliff Lewis was a member of Homfray Lodge No 1562 and graduated to the Grand Lodge above in 2001. They had been married for 65 years.

Just over 3 years ago, W.Bro Selwyn Gardiner, a PM and Almoner of Homfray Lodge, succeeded in obtaining a place for Rosalie in the Porthcawl Care Home run by the RMBI. You may already know there are another 16 such facilities in England & Wales.

W.Bro. Selwyn (pictured right), W.Bro. Henry Chivers (middle), IPM, and W.Bro. T. John Moses (left), attended her celebrations which started at 10.30am. Rosalie was surrounded by 4 generations of her family and it was a lovely morning. During the day many of her old friends and neighbours visited.

The staff at the home are marvellous; they do care and are a credit to the RMBI. They arranged a wonderful spread and birthday cake. Children from the local primary & junior schools came and sang for her. A small group of sixth formers, from the local Comprehensive sang a few songs from their upcoming Xmas show, which was very professional – a credit to their teachers & school.

They had lunch with Rosalie and although she relies on a wheelchair, her general health is good but her mind is razor sharp. She was a community nurse with Monmouthshire County Council for 46 years and kept them entertained over lunch, with the stories of her exploits in the Welsh Valleys, during her working life.

Rosalie spoke of her gratitude to Freemasonry in general & the RMBI in particular, and of how moving to Porthcawl had been a life-changing moment for her. Rosalie said that Selwyn had made it all possible – she is now very happy.

In the latest edition of “Freemasonry Today” page 67 – there is an article reporting on the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the home at Porthcawl and also the 100th birthday of Lina Joshua. The joint celebrations were held in September 2013. In fact, three residents celebrated their 100th in 2013 and Rosalie is the youngest of the trio.

This article courtesy of W.Bro. T. John Moses.


50 years and still going strong!


WBro. Oswald Lovering who has been a Freemason for just over 50 years received a certificate and a Veterans lapel badge at the St Mellonius Lodge meeting where he is the Senior Past Master having attained the Chair in 1973. When asked what he thought of reaching such a milestone he replied ‘firstly I’m glad I’ve lived this long’. WBro ‘Ozzy’ is the grand age of 85 and still enjoys an active participation in Lodge activities. Over 50 brethren attended the meeting which was very light hearted and enjoyable. Pictured with Ozzy (above) The RW Provincial Grand Master the Rev. Malcolm C. G. Lane and (below) The Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro. Robert Arundel.


What an Honour!


An honour and a surprise! At the Silurian Installation the Worshipful Master proffered the gavel to the RW Provincial Grand Master as a token of courtesy only to be informed that he would be keeping it for a little while as he had Provincial business to perform.

The Lodge Wardens were then replaced by the Provincial Wardens and the RW Provincial Grand Master then promoted WBro Vernon Edwards (pictured) to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in recognition of all his hard work as the Provincial Charity Steward. A promotion richly deserved considering the success of the Festival where over £1.2 million was raised over a five year period for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

Jasper Tudor Brethren reach 25 year milestone.

Jon & Mike

At the December meeting of the Jasper Tudor Lodge a presentation was made by WBro. John Challenger (background) to WBro. Jonathan Roberts (left) and Bro. Mike Willis both celebrating 25 years in Freemasonry. They were co-initiates and have both enjoyed their membership of the Lodge and Freemasonry in general. Although Mike has never taken the chair he has been a stalwart member and often travelled great distances to attend his Lodge as he has lived in several parts of the country. WBro. Jonathan is well known to us all as he is quite a prolific Mason and currently holds the rank of Provincial Director of Ceremonies in the Mark degree. The Lodge presented them with engraved tankards to celebrate this milestone and hopefully they will continue to enjoy their membership for many years to come.

A Christmas Message from the Provincial Grand Master

Dear Brethren,

2013 is coming to an end and 2014 will soon be upon us. The Province has enjoyed an extremely successful year with the consecration of the Armed Forces Lodge (albeit at the second attempt due to the inclement weather last January) and the culmination of the two charity appeals undertaken by the Province.

The Festival period for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys ended during the Summer, and the celebrations in September at the prestigious Celtic Manor were enjoyed by all who attended. The total announced that evening for the five years hard work by many Brethren of the Province was £1,219,414 a truly staggering amount and far exceeding our original target of £750,000.

The Royal Arch Bicentennial Appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons was also completed with Monmouthshire exceeding our target by over 50%. Contributing to a national total of £2,000,000.

I must take this opportunity to make mention of the retirement of VWBro Anthony Williams as Deputy Provincial Grand Master following years of outstanding commitment and dedication to the Province. We all wish VWBro Anthony a happy retirement to spend quality time with his wife Sylvia. On the retirement of VWBro Anthony I was pleased to appoint WBro Richard Davies as Deputy Provincial Grand Master at the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting in October and I congratulate him and look forward to his support in the future.

Monmouthshire as a Province is almost unique with only 30 Lodges, where deep and meaningful friendships are forged right across the Province by those who enjoy their visits to other Lodges, and on a personal note I thank you all for the welcome which I receive together with my Provincial team at every Lodge Installation .

Freemasonry is a wonderful organisation, within our values are Brotherly love, relief and truth. The Festive season is a time where we need to exercise those ideals by sparing a little time for those who may be alone this Christmas. Perhaps a phone call or a visit will reassure those who may be feeling a little isolated that they are in our thoughts and are not forgotten. 

Christmas is a happy time and should be about enjoying yourselves with your families and friends.

I hope you and your families have an enjoyable Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2014.

God Bless you all

RW Bro the Reverend Malcolm C G Lane

Islwyn Lodge cake raffle and Christmas Fun raise over £500


Islwyn Lodge raised a magnificent £507 at their Christmas Festival and the following Lodge raffle where there were a selection of wonderful cakes made by WBro. Les Evans daughter. The Christmas event was very entertaining when Santa had an identity crisis as there were two Santa’s in the building at the same time. The funds were presented to the Jacobstarz charity which is Blackwood based and dedicate their efforts relieving children and families who are affected by terminal cancer in young people. Pictured is WBro Kevin Hurley presenting the cheque to the chairperson of the charity Mrs Sara Eales, who lost her son to cancer.

Widows Christmas Luncheon


The RW Provincial Grand Master, the Rev. M.C.G. Lane was very pleased on behalf of the Province to hold the annual Christmas get together at Newport Masonic Hall for the benefit of many widows of Brethren of the Province. There were several Carols sung and a light buffet was served along with the traditional mince pies. This annual event is very important as it allows an opportunity for the renewing of friendships and generally reminds many that they are not forgotten and are still part of our fraternity.

AEPOW Lodge enjoy Christmas Choir


On Thursday evening (12/12/13), following the election of their
worshipful master for the ensuing year in a very short ‘business’ meeting of
the lodge, the brethren of Albert Edward Prince of Wales made their way to
the bar to meet their partners, friends, family members and guests. All
present then returned to the temple to be entertained by the Allegra Ladies’
Choir. The choir provided an excellent and professional programme of songs
that was enjoyed by one and all – as evidenced by the standing ovation given
to the choir at the end of the evening’s ‘show’. The rest of the evening was
spent in the dining room where everyone enjoyed a fine Christmas
dining experience, followed by carol singing and a very active rendition of
The Twelve Days of Christmas.  All in all – a most enjoyable evening.

Information and picture provided by WBro. Brian Medhurst

Over £1000 raised for a homeless charity by an intrepid Mason

Charles FerrisWBro. Charles Ferris (pictured right) raised over £1000 by ‘sleeping rough’ for one night at the Cardiff International Sports Stadium. WBro. Charles is a wonderful example of a dedicated fundraiser and champion of good causes. Ranging from this event to his regular trips to Belarus taking much needed items to orphanages and other worthy groups. We wonder what his next ‘mission’ will be?

Monmouthshire Masons donate over £18,000 to local good causes

charity night

This evening over £18,000 was donated to local charities and good causes. All the recipients were very pleased with the donations. Many were expecting much smaller sums than they actually received which was a very pleasant surprise for them. It was truly humbling to see the dedication and emotion from so many hard working people, all for the benefit of others. There were several touching moments ranging from two young girls (India Lane and Abbey Morgan) who gave a well rehearsed response on behalf of the 1st Bulwark Brownies, Sara Eales the chair of ‘Jacobs Starz’ a charity set up in memory of her son to Mr Ieuan Coombes a sufferer of cerebral palsy who walked through the temple to receive just over £500 for the Sparkle Appeal and many others who reminded us  of how lucky we are….The Provincial Grand Master mentioned in his summing up how impressed he was with all those who do so much ‘for humanity’. All funds donated were raised by Monmouthshire Masons.

In addition £4000 was donated to the Wales Air Ambulance Service. The funds for that donation was made available by the Grand Charity.

Silurian ‘Candidate’ Raises Cash the hard way for Lifelites

Lewis Jones, son of Silurian Lodge Brother Emlyn Jones, has been raising money for the Lifelites Charity. Lewis, a Lewis, is currently ‘waiting in the wings’ to be initiated into the Silurian Lodge No.471.

His fundraising efforts have been acknowledged by Lifelites and below is an extract from his Employer, SIEMENS Newsletter “CASCADE” which published the story in their November 2013 Issue.

Lewis is a Graduate Electrical Engineer  with Siemens Water Technologies Ltd

So far over £500 has been raised, but further donations are most welcome.

Lewis would like to thank all those who have donated so far. His Father Emlyn said he and the Family were very proud of Lewis and the efforts he puts into charitable fundraising.

Emlyn works in Dubai and plans are underway to coincide a trip home with an Initiation probably in April or May of 2014.

W.Bro. Adrian Martin, Worshipful Master of the Silurian Lodge said he was delighted that Lewis is desirous of joining the Lodge and the whole Lodge will be looking forward to his Initiation. W.Bro. Adrian said that Charity plays a major role in the Silurian Lodge and that Lewis would fit in well with that ethic.

Submitted by Vernon Edwards

The Eyes Have It

Press release from the recent Ty Hafan handover by Lifelites attended by the PGM, Deputy PGM, Asst. PGM and the Prov.G. Charity Steward and Elaine Edwards following the donation of £50,000 by Monmouthshire Freemasons.

Lifelites - Ty Hafan Celebration - Group shot

The Eyes Have It

Lifelites Help Children at Tŷ Hafan Look to the Future with Eye-Tracking Tech

State-of the-art technology that works by the “Glint of an eye” has been donated to a local children’s hospice by award-winning charity Lifelites as they unveiled a trend-setting technology project at Tŷ Hafan children’s hospice.

Lifelites projects provide specialist technology for the youngsters in all 49 of the baby and children’s hospice in the British Isles. The charity was announced Digital Leaders in 2012 in recognition of their innovative work with disabled children.

The Tŷ Hafan children’s hospice project, which also contains state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, the latest gaming consoles and specially adapted iPads has been put together with disabled children in mind. And Lifelites say that this is where the Eye Gaze comes into its own: the incredible technology works by tracking the movement of the user’s eye, and it means that all children – whatever their disability or illness – will have access to the power of technology.

Jayne Saunders, Director of Care at Tŷ Hafan, said: “We are delighted to have benefitted from this fantastic project which will make such a difference to the children and young people we support. We pride ourselves on being a centre of excellence for children’s palliative care and embrace new and innovative technologies which focus on improving the quality of life of children not expected to reach adulthood. We are incredibly grateful to Lifelites for their continued support and are very much looking forward to seeing the children enjoying this state-of-the-art equipment.”

Simone Enefer-Doy, Chief Executive of Lifelites, said: “This is a path-breaking Lifelites project and contains some of our most revolutionary technology to date. But it’s more than just futuristic gadgets. This equipment will mean children at Tŷ Hafan now have more opportunities to communicate, create and take control. That is why we’re determined to continue putting revolutionary technology like the Eyegaze in every hospice in the British Isles.”

The charity says that Lifelites equipment and support will cost around £35,700 over the next four years but Tŷ Hafan children’s hospice won’t have to pay a penny towards it. Instead, Lifelites has been supported by the Province of Monmouthshire and Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, amongst others.

Malcolm Lane, the Provincial Grand Master of Monmouthshire and a Lifelites trustee, said: “I’m very well acquainted with the importance of Lifelites projects for life-limited children in our Province. We know the money donated will be put to excellent use: providing specialist technology for children at the Lifelites project closest to our hearts here in South Wales.”



£1000 donation for Newport Masonic Hall restoration fund.


During the after proceedings of a very successful Jasper Tudor LOI festival, WBro. Malcolm Beardmore is happily receiving a £1000 donation from Bro. Gary Gassor on behalf of the Brethren of the Jasper Tudor Lodge. The funds were the proceeds of the ‘Demon Divas’ evening held at the end of October along with several donations including £100 from the Casnewydd Lodge. WBro. Malcolm emphasised the importance of donations such as this to enable the restoration of the building to be continued. A new account has been opened specifically for this purpose and all donations by either Lodges or individuals can now be designated solely for this very worthwhile project. As the representative of Newport Masonic Hall he also expressed his gratitude and hoped that other events would follow in order to make progress with the considerable work needed at present.

Pictured below is Bro. Adam Heybyrne, WBro. Paul Salter, WBro. Anthony Halse and Bro. Gary Gassor. All of whom were integral to the success of the evening.

gary 2