A Masonic curry night? what a good idea!!

The New Lahore Indian restaurant in Newport donated around 50% of the value of food ordered to our charity and didn’t they do well!


Pictured are the Lahore’s owner, Mr. Shah Shaffee  (3rd from L) presenting a Cheque for £578 to W.Bro. Vernon Edwards who organised the event,  W.Bro. Chris Evans Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Richard Lee and W.Bro. Dave Llewellyn.The event was also supported by the PGM, Deputy PGM and the Prov. Grand Secretary of the Mark Degree.

Many Brethren who could not attend made donations and W. Bro. Vernon would like to thank them all very much for their generosity. Altogether, the evening raised a staggering £780.00 which is a huge amount  just going out for a meal. The money will go to the Monmouthshire Provincial Grand Charity 2004, for onward transmission to the 1997 Trust Fund, and will be distributed amongst Local Charities and Good Causes. A huge thank you goes to Mr. Shah Shaffee and the staff at the New Lahore Restaurant for their very generous contribution and for their wonderful hospitality and Service. And by the way the food was fantastic.