2010 Prestonian lecture at the lodge of concord


Here’s a picture of W Bro. Bob Tanswell and W Bro. Wayne Warlow (the 2010 Prestonian Lecturer) taken last night (26 Jan) at the meeting of Lodge of Concord (or soon to be called – Concord Lodge of Provincial Grand Stewards ).
W Bro Wayne delivered a lecture entitled ‘Music in Masonry and Beyond’ it was a most interesting, informative and entertaining presentation, enhanced by examples of the musical items that were the subject of the lecture. Everyone present commented how much they enjoyed the evening and W Bro Wayne was complimented on his ‘performance’.
It was unfortunate, however, that so few brethren of the Province were present. Thankfully, about seven members of the Lodge of Concord from Wiltshire (including 5 Grand Officers) were present  and ‘swelled’ the numbers to 29. Brethren who were absent from the event certainly missed a treat!