Islwyn Lodge. What a night!! and all for the right reasons.


Jacob Eales, who lost his battle against a cancerous tumour was remembered last Saturday evening at the ladies festival of the Islwyn Lodge with a fantastic donation of £4000 towards helping those youngsters who’s future health-wise  looks very bleak and with the support of the charity and those who help fund it, will enjoy experiences they would not have been able to even consider as a possibility should the charity not be in existence. The funds were raised by the Islwyn Lodge and supporters. Pictured below is Jacob’s parents receiving the cheque for £4000 from the Worshipful Master of the Lodge Kevin Hurley. Congratulations to all involved in the raising of such a magnificent sum, from the anonymous brother who put £10 into the ‘pot’ as he couldn’t attend to the rather high profile Warren Gatland who gave his valuable time to enhance the last fundraising event where his donation of a considerable hospitality  prize added over £1000 to the total raised.IMG_1622

Well done to you all, you deserve high praise. It is well deserved, as the contributions of many whilst enjoying themselves for the benefit of the needy is to be commended.