Lodge of Concord aid Risca food bank

After the restructuring of the Lodge of Concord it was decided to use some of their funds to help the local food bank in Risca which had been nominated by W Bro. Mel Buckley, once the final sum had been decided W Bro. Robert Tanswell and his good lady wife Jan set off to find where they could get the best ‘deal’. Tesco were offering to add to donations made to food banks so they set about spending £200 at a local store. Four trollies later they had spent the budget and worked out that as Tesco’s work on a formula of  weight/donation ratio as opposed to the value of the items, it was best to look for some of the cheapest heaviest items (apparently tinned potatoes are the best). 267 kilos later and two very worn out shoppers the intrepid Tanswells  had finished and will never look at shopping trips in quite the same way ever again!!

Pictured is part of the thank you card sent by the food bank. It is a shame that such organisations are needed, it is a reflection of where our society is at present. But, it is always best to look for the positives. How many volunteers and donors feel a sense of purpose and pride helping those in our communities who cannot manage or cope with their situations. Food poverty should never be a part of our society.

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