Helping to meet the shortfall in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

There has been much in the news regarding the shortage of PPE for our frontline staff and the risks that this places them in. We have taken a two pronged approach to helping to bridge this gap.

Firstly, in the short term, we placed an order for 1,000 visors for distribution to nursing homes across the Province.  Secondly, thanks to the hard work and efforts of a number of our Brethren, we are pleased and proud to be working in partnership with 3 local schools to support them in manufacturing visors.  A big thank you to the following schools: –

· West Monmouth Comprehensive School, Pontypool

· King Henry VIII Comprehensive School, Abergavenny

· Monmouth Comprehensive School, Monmouth

We have purchased £1,000 worth of plastics and acetates and
the school Design & Technology Departments are working to
an NHS-approved specification using their laser cutters and 3D
printers to manufacture the visors.