Striguil Lodge give a Helping Hand to Bluebells Playgroup

Bluebells is a registered charity Playgroup which meets within the grounds of Pembroke School, Bulwark, Chepstow.  The Playgroup provides a setting for children aged two to four from the local area. It includes a lunch club for playgroup children and they are joined for lunch by children who attend the local school nursery. The group try to ensure that fees stay as low as possible to give those living locally a feasible option of somewhere for their child to access an environment focused on early learning, child development, social skills and creativity. The Group are in need of funds to help pay for some new, more permanent outdoor activity toys, a new kitchen fridge, and to replace a damaged and obsolete outside toy store. Striguil Lodge were pleased to be able to give a helping hand by donating £250 to the Group funds.

New Chair lift at Newport Masonic Hall


Here’s a ‘hot off the press’ picture of the new chair lift at Newport Masonic Hall. The last chair lift gave good service for many years but was deemed uneconomical for repair. The cost of the chair lift exceeded £5000 as it has been fitted on the more historical part of the building with the spiral staircase. Funds are being raised by several of the Lodges that meet at Newport and it is hoped that further support will be provided when the Lodges who use the building appreciate the need for such a thing to be available. We all like to think we can remain fairly active as we age, but it would be a great pity if the more infirm Brethren did not attend their meetings because access prohibited them from doing so.