The Royal college of surgeons at Charles lyne



Last evening at the Charles Lyne Lodge of Installed Masters, The Royal college of Surgeons gave very enlightening presentations which ranged from ‘plastic surgery’ to colonic issues and the oesophagus in between. All three young doctors were funded by the RCS for at least a year to enable them to continue with their specialist research. Pictured left to right, Dr Zita Jessop, Swansea. Dr Jemma Bhoday, Royal Marsden, London. The RW PGM Rev. Malcolm C.G. Lane. The WM of the Charles Lyne Lodge W Bro. Robert Arundel Doctor Martyn Coomer of the RCS and Dr Oliver Old, Gloucester.

The purpose of this delightful visit was to enlighten us as far as the RCS funding works. In 2013 The Royal Arch Masons  throughout the country raised a terrific sum of 2.5 million pounds. This was given to the RCS to build a fund which should benefit many young Doctors for many years to come. The RCS currently has 40 ‘research fellows’ and it is pleasing to note that our donations are funding 10 per cent of this expenditure.



A new Master for St Johns Lodge


lodge ted and pgm low
W Bro. Ted Williams being congratulated by the PGM RW Bro. Malcolm C G Lane.

This evening A new Master was installed at the very prestigious St Johns Lodge in Abergavenny. W Bro. Ted Williams was installed in a fine manner by the Master ‘in the chair’ Anthony Davies. This was due to the current WM being incapacitated through illness. A fine evening was had by all and around 100 attended both the ceremony and the very nice after proceedings.

lodge ted ectlow
Some of the principle members of the Lodge.


The George Henry Reynolds Trophy

Brother Steve Stott was the recipient of this very prestigious award issued by the preceptors of the Jasper Tudor

George in 1945, 4 months after being released as a POW weighing only five and a half Stone.

Brother Steve has been an avid and enthusiastic member of the Jasper Tudor Lodge, his ritual has been exemplary and evenly more importantly he has supported all the Lodge activities and our precepts with unfaltering support. He is a very worthwhile recipient of this award which is given annually (if a suitable recipient is identified) in recognition of their efforts and with the blessing of W Bro. George H. Reynolds who as a spritely 96 year old still has a critical eye on those performing ritual and appreciates those who excel.  Well done Steve.

George Reynolds 1937


The Mayor of Abergavenny


The Mayor of Abergavenny Bro Martin Hickman finishes his term as Mayor in May. Both Martin and his wife Alison (daughter of the late W Bro Roy Jarrett PM of the Glyn Ebbw Lodge and former secretary  ) have enjoyed a very successful year in office and demanding schedule  in the service of the whole community of Abergavenny . Well done to both of them and the RW Provincial Grand Master (pictured on the left) stated what a  privilege it has been to have served the Mayor once again as his Chaplain in his second term of office .

Jasper tudor lodge donate £5143 to the Province

photo (3)

At the annual Installation meeting the Brethren of the Jasper Tudor Lodge were very pleased to donate £5143 to the Monmouthshire Trust Fund which supports local charities and good causes. The funds had been raised throughout the year by raffles, bonus ball scheme, a social evening in May where another £4000 was raised for Parkinsons UK and the annual Ladies Festival. Pictured above are the RW Provincial Grand Master, The Rev. Malcolm Lane, Bro’s Adam Heybyrne, the Lodge Charity Steward, Gary Gassor and W Bro.’s Peter Howells and Nigel Roberts.

photo (2)
Bro. Gary Gassor donating the proceeds of the May Social Evening

It was also mentioned at the meeting by the Provincial Grand Charity Steward that over 70% of the Brethren of the Lodge were giving regularly to charity, either by gift aid or regular commitment. This is very commendable and shows the spirit of charity and making a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves is very high within the Lodge.

photo (5)
W Bro. Peter Howells donating the proceeds of the Ladies Festival.


Burns night for the Lodge of Friendship.

photo (2)

This evening there was a very successful Burns night held at the Lodge of Friendship at Newport Masonic Hall. This year the ladies were welcomed and the total dining was over 100. The Haggis was ‘piped in’ and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all. I understand the raffle raised over £400 and there was also an item that was auctioned to help raise the total which will be given to Masonic charities. It is good to see the dining room so full with people enjoying themselves at this annual event which appears to be going from strength to strength.


St Johns support local charity 21 plus

Local Charity Group 21 Plus received a much welcome boost to their funds when local Freemasons from St John’s Lodge No 818 in Abergavenny presented the group with a cheque for £1000. The funds were raised at the St John’s Lodge annual Ladies Festival held at the Angel Hotel in October last year.

21 PLUS (a registered charity; 1142198) is a support group for families who have a child with Down’s Syndrome in South Wales and is affiliated to the Down’s Syndrome Association. 21 Plus meet to share information, resources and ideas relating to all   areas of life with the children. They provide activities throughout the year including Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, outdoor pursuit days and cycling workshops, All of this is made possible through the commitment of our volunteers and financial   support from fund raising and donations. More information of the Charity can be found at the website

 The presentation was made when Members and Children of the group met at the Masonic Hall to receive the cheque.


In The Picture Mrs. Sharon Dilley (Front Right) presents the Cheque to Mrs. Nicky Williams, Dylan Williams and Amelia Barker. Also in the Picture is Mr. Dave Williams, Mrs Joan Thomas (Dylan’s Grandmother), Katharina Barker, and Mr. Peter Dilley.




A perambulating brother

Jasper Tudor on the Road 1/15

 This is my first installment of our travels around this and other Provinces with either the Craft or Royal Arch Chapter in mind.

 This weekend, it was the turn of the Royal Air Force Lodge, or to give it its warranted title Innsworth Lodge No. 8751 in the Province of Gloucestershire. Why this Lodge? Well I did contact the Royal Air Force Lodge who meet at the Freemasons Hall in London, only to have contact back informing me that this and the attached Royal Arch Chapter are for Commissioned Officers only, me I’m ‘just’ a Gunner. However they were kind enough to inform the Armed Forces Lodge Secretary of my enquiry, and about the Innsworth Lodge, so dates of meetings ensued.

 Saturday 24th January 2015, W. Bro R Thompson, W. Bro T Rising, W. Bro M. and myself headed to Gloucester. Upon arrival, you are immediately struck by the age of the building. It is one of Gloucester’s historic buildings, which now finds itself nestled in between bigger, and less attractive structures like most towns and cities with aspirations of modern urban greatness. We left at 3pm, in order to arrive relaxed ready for Tyling at 4:30pm. A change into our regalia, was the first new experience I had here, they had separate signed rooms for masons to change into their regalia, they were, non-master masons, Master Masons, Past WMs, Prov’ Officers and Grand Officers, which was all the more special as the building was small, almost warren-like.

 Dressed and eager to introduce ourselves, not only as visitors from Wales, we had an active Prov’ Officer with us in W. Bro Roger, so he needed the appropriate observations paid to him. Luckily for us, W. Bro Martin was actually a member of this Lodge so he kindly did the honours for all of us. I had the honour to meet another RAF Regiment (Rtd) member who had ‘been out’ for 65 years, which makes my mere 19 years seem insignificant, but what a gent.

 With Lodge now Tyled, the business began. From beginning to end the ritual that occurred was sublime, and delivered in a very relaxed and humorous way, which was ‘different’ but pleasing on the eyes and ears. We were honoured to witness a 3rd Degree Ceremony delivered to a Lewis, whose Father, a Grand Officer W. Bro Peter Brindle PGSB Raised him, and was presented with his Grandfathers MM Apron to conclude this great family occasion.

 Throughout this ceremony and the normal Lodge business, you cannot ignore the Temple and its apparent age. The whole room was lined with black timber cladding, it had a huge vaulted ceiling supported throughout with Tudor style timber beams also painted in black, and that which was not black was white wash, truly giving you the feeling of being present in a medieval banquet or council chamber to the King. During the period of darkness during the ceremony, it was truly dark, pitch black, a cold draft ebbed from the vaulted ceiling and the natural gaps of this old building. Instead of the modern lights at the WM and his S and J Wardens, they had real candles throughout, and that burning wax smell added even more romance and historic sentiment to the proceedings.

After the 3rd Degree Ceremony and the rest of the Lodge meeting agenda was complete, the Lodge was closed in order to admit non-masons into the Temple.

 On this occasion, their 200th Regular Meeting, they held a ‘Gentlemen’s Evening’, where they welcomed friends and the masonically curious to join the brethren who were still in full regalia for a presentation by W. Bro Peter Brindle PGSB on ‘what is Freemasonry?’ Hi s presentation educated the gentlemen on such areas as Temple furniture, symbols within a Lodge, the history of its evolvement from the stonemasons of ancient times to todays free and accepted masons aswell as the creation of the United Grand Lodge of England. He completed his presentation to the gentlemen and masons alike with an overview of all the Masonic Aprons including those of side degrees and others he could beg, steal or borrow for the presentation, and we were treated to a Scottish Order apron and a magnificently decorated Chinese Master Masons Apron.

 The presentation and Lodge coming to a close, we retired to the after proceedings that again didn’t disappoint. There were the usual celebrations, toasts and raffles, albeit they had different methods. After dining had finished it was pleasant to sing the National Anthem alongside our non-masonic diners who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

 I can say, and I know I speak to the three other Monmouthshire Masons who attended that this was a thoroughly enjoyable ‘long’ day, with great ritual and great professionalism matched by great humour and a sense of welcoming. We will be going back and I encourage others to join us.

 In the short term, we were so impressed by their Craft Lodge, that we are this year going to return to their Royal Arch Chapter. If you are interested in joining us on this next occasion, or wish to join us on our other travels please contact the Jasper Tudor Charity Steward on or keep an eye out on Twitter, on our Jasper Tudor account or the account of the Province of Monmouthshire

‘ A perambulating Brother’