£30,000 given to local charities

This evening I was very privileged to attend the annual presentation evening at Newport Masonic Hall. There were 40 awards given to local good causes and charities totalling £30,000. The evening was without doubt a great success, and, listening to the thanks and descriptions of the activities that these volunteers do for others within our community, we are very fortunate that our fundraising makes such a difference.  We are also fortunate that such hard working people are prepared to put such tremendous effort into helping others. We may occasionally complain about the level of fundraising that we are asked to do but when you see the heartfelt thanks of those who benefit from our funds then it does give encouragement to continue supporting them. Thank you all for making a difference.
The Provincial Grand Master with many of the representatives of the charities.

2013 prestonian lecture at risca

Left to right. VWBro. Paul Calderwood, WBro. Bob Tanswell WM and VWBro Richard Davies.

This evening we were given a good part of the 2013 Prestonian Lecture at the Lodge of Concord in Risca. VWBro. Dr Paul Calderwood gave a very concise history of Freemasonry and the media during the 20th Century. It was very enlightening to all who attended and I am sure that it will encourage discussion amongst those with an interest in our past.

Provincial Grand Raffle raises £7630!!!

What a tremendous event. Topped off by a fabulous Gala Dinner enjoyed by well over 100 people at Newport Masonic Hall.

What a turnout, Brethren and their Ladies enjoying the occasion.

The ‘entertainment’ was Sir Trefor Morris giving a talk on some of his interests and observations around the Province, both historical events and interesting  personalities. This was received very well. The draw then took place where around 30 fantastic prizes were drawn for by a selection of the guests. The winners will be notified over the next few days.

photo 4
RW Provincial Grand Master the Rev. Malcolm C.G. Lane with Sir Trefor Morris

The evening then continued with a superb vocal talent in the name of Rhys Herridge from Carmarthen. He sang a varied selection of songs both traditional and modern both in Welsh and English.

photo 1
Bro. Rhys Herridge displaying some of the Provincial Christmas cards which can be obtained through your Charity Steward.

Congratulations to all those who worked very hard making this raffle a success and those who supported it by buying tickets or providing such worthwhile prizes. The proceeds of the raffle will be directed to the 1997 Trust Fund which has given over £200,000 to charities and good causes within Monmouthshire over the last 15 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

2004/5 masters enjoy another annual gathering


W.Bro. Allan Williams MBE had great enjoyment presenting the RWPGM the Rev. Malcolm C.G. Lane with the proceeds of the raffle this evening. An enjoyable time was had by all who attended at the Parc golf club.

The meal was excellent and the entertainment was refreshing, Bro. Rhys Herridge travelled all the way from Carmarthenshire to treat us to his repertoire of songs, many of them in Welsh.

Allan, who is the main organiser of the event, is a spritely 81 years young. He thoroughly enjoyed the evening and  it is obvious from the enjoyment in the picture above that  the night was a great success.

Jasper Tudor raise £8000 in one evening!!!!!

The Gassor Family

Brother Gary Gassor, his friends, family and many of the members of the Jasper Tudor Lodge and members of the Maindee Martial Arts group, put on a cabaret evening styled on the ‘Stars in their eyes’ programme from times past. Much hilarity was had by the almost 150 people who attended at Newport Masonic Hall. The event was organised to benefit Parkinson’s UK and the Province of Monmouthshire’s home charities festival. Several of the fund raising methods were innovative to say the least, ranging from text giving directly to PUK to a football scratch card that raised £200.

Three Jasper Tudor ‘Bee Gee’s

Congratulations must be given to Brother Gary, his team and the brethren of the Jasper Tudor Lodge who participated for their outstanding effort and training for the event to ensure the night was entertaining as well as rewarding. Also, without the hard work over several weeks by Gary’s daughters Emma and Leanne procuring sponsorship and support the event would not have been anywhere  near as successful as it was.

Adam Heyman Heybyrne and ‘Toulouse Lautrec.’ Gassor
The WM, WBro Peter Howells, Bro. Gary Gassor, WBro. Paul Salter and Bro. Adam Heyman-Heybyrne looking very pleased with themselves.

Well done everyone. £8000 is a colossal sum of money and without a doubt, this money will make a difference to many worthy causes.

Remembrance Sunday


This morning many Masons throughout our Province attended remembrance meetings at many war memorials. Pictured is the WM of the Jasper Tudor Lodge WBro. Peter Howells, Mr Karl Nielsen and WBro. Roy Wigmore PGADC. All of whom attended the service in Newport.

Many others attended events throughout the Province and it is good to see that respect for those who’s sacrifice enables us to live in the society that we do today without fear, continues.

Novembers Events

   Date            Lodge/Chapter/Etc.             Function          Contact

 01/11/2014      2004/5 Masters      Social Evening     Allan Williams

                                                                                                                    01633 276593

01/11/2014         St Georges              Choir Evening     Sean Rees     

                                                                                                                    01495 726928

08/11/2014       Jasper Tudor        Stars in their eyes   Paul Salter

                                                                                                                     01633 664716

15/11/2014      Blue Lamp               Ladies ‘Dining In’       Mike Knight

                                                                                                                       01291 626830

21/11/2014      Trevethin                 Ladies Festival           Alan Hodge

                                                                                                                       01495 764647

22/11/2014      Province            Provincial Dinner       Vernon Edwards

                                                                                                                       01633 857593

24/11/2014       Concord    The 2013 Prestonian Lecture   Bill Davies

                                                                                                                       01633 850769

28/11/2014  Province  Charity Presentation Evening   

                                                                                                       Your Charity Steward

29/11/2014    Beaufort Mark      Ladies Night                John Walters

                                                                                                                       07970 948430

29/11/2014       AEPOW home (Porthcawl)  Christmas Fayre         Rebecca Timms                                                                                  01656 785311