Every Lodge building now has a defibrillator


Thanks to the generosity of the Mark Masons of the Province a defibrillator has now been presented to every Lodge building in Monmouthshire. Hopefully they will see a long period of inactivity, but to have the machines available throughout the Province just in case they are needed in an emergency is definitely a step forward.

Pictured is W. Bro Peter Wood, the Worshipful Master of the Loyal Monmouth Lodge. W Bro. Peter is in normal ‘attire’ as he was attending an open day at the Lodge for the people of Monmouth.IMG_6661

An Antipodean visitor!!

Two Very Worshipful Brethren at the same meeting!!
Pictured below is (right to left) VWBro. Richard Davies, VWBro. Eric Meacock, WBro Peter Howells the WM of the Jasper Tudor Lodge along with two Grand Officers, WBro’s John Challenger and Roy Wigmore.
VWBro Eric has travelled over from Western Australia and has visited several Lodges to rekindle his masonic links. His Uncle was RWBro Stanley Meacock a past Provincial Grand Master and a founder member of the Jasper Tudor Lodge in 1920.
A very enjoyable evening was had by all who attended and I am sure that Eric was suitably impressed by the warm welcome he has received from all the Brethren of the Province during his stay and his several visits to different Lodges where he has a family connection.

Monmouthshire Masonic Golf Society

On Thursday 11th September 2014, members of the Monmouthshire Masonic Golf Society met at Pontnewydd Golf Club, home Club of the current Society Captain, W. Bro. Keith Barnett for the final fixture of the 2014 Season, the Captains Charity Day.  The Society members were welcomed to the Club, which was established in 1875 and is thought to be the oldest Golf Club in Wales, by the Club Captain, Moelwyn Carter.

After an afternoon of friendly competitive Golf some keen Stableford scores were returned by the Players.  The winner of the Curtis Trophy was the Society Captain Keith Barnett, who used his local knowledge and the laxity of the Society Secretary for failing to adjust his handicap, to its full advantage to return a Stableford score of 39 points.  Runner up with 35 points was Mike Oaten, and the Team prize was claimed by the team of Keith Barnett, Mike Oaten, David Foice and Bob Slee with an average score of 33 points.

The prizes were very kindly presented by the Pontnewydd Golf Club Captain, Moelwyn Carter.

The day’s events realised the sum of £200 to be donated to the fund for Imogen Ashwell-Lewis, a 3 year old from Caldicot, who suffers from spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy, and needs to raise £40,000 for an operation to enable her to walk. This will take the total so far donated to the fund by Monmouthshire Masons to £3000.


Keith Barnett receiving the Curtis Trophy from Moelwyn Carter, Pontnewydd Golf Club Captain.

This article courtesy of W Bro. Mike Knight.

Monmouth Lodge open doors to the public


The town of Monmouth opened the doors to the public of 16 historical buildings. The Monmouth temple was pleased to be part of this event and on the first day alone nearly 100 visitors were shown around the building, its annexes and the Temple itself.

Currently a great amount of work has been done exploring the origins of the building and new discoveries have been made. It appears some of the building is over 600 years old and was part of the towns defences with a tower, arrow slits and a quayside into the river.

Extensive work needs to be done to try and renovate this historical building which no doubt will cost a lot of money. Fundraising will be essential as some works are urgently needed before the building deteriorates further. Should you wish to make a donation, please contact me and I will provide you with further details.


Below are pictured Mrs Jeana Hall and Mrs Sandra Harvey who refreshed the visitors with tea and biscuits as well as assisting with the guided tours. Well done ladies!