NMH numbers for this month


This months winners for the Newport Masonic Hall 200 Club were, number 27 1st prize of £150 – Christine Saunders, with the second prize of £50 going to number 22 – WBro Haydn Bishop.

The draw took place at the Crystal Lodge after proceedings, should you wish to support the renovation fund by obtaining a number, please contact WBro. Haydn on 01291 421198.

Phillipine Disaster Relief aided by the NIOBA Lodge

niobaAt the regular meeting of the N.I.O.B.A. Lodge on Tuesday 19thfor the distribution to those affected by the natural disasters recently occurred in the Republic of the Philippines. s serving Senior Deacon, Ferdinand de la Cruz is a Filipino by birth; and the Lodge thought it duly appropriate to raise funds on his behalf to provide relief to his fellow countrymen and his immediate family, who were affected by the aforementioned tragedies.

Having agreed with Bro. Ferdinand, it was duly sanctioned within the Lodge that the monies collected were to be distributed via a Lodge of which he is a member, the Aklan Lodge (No. 205) acting under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, and also to the relief of his immediate family. The Lodge in question is based in an area severely affected by the super-cyclone that had become global news.

Bro. Ferdinand has accepted the charity in good faith and has assisted in its passage via fraternal connections; its use in providing much needed support to those who need it most in the areas within which the Lodge is based, and also to the good of his close family. Bro. Ferdinand presented a brief report at the regular Lodge meeting in January, confirming the money has been received and applied where anticipated.

This article courtesy of Bro. Huw Gallagher, Senior Warden.

What an interesting layout!


This evening at the Striguil Chapter of Holy Royal Arch Masons, the tables were laid in the fashion of a triple tau, a symbol very important within the Royal Arch. The instigator of this was Ex Comp Mike Wightman (1st Principal of the Chapter, pictured right) as a reminder of the Old Rectory Chapter which he joined in 1975 which used to set the tables in such a fashion at every meeting. Alongside E Comp Mike is the Deputy Provincial Grand Superintendent E Comp John Challenger. A thoroughly good night was had by all with a total of five Companions delivering lectures.